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Build your Credentials

Build your Credentials

Interested in establishing your credentials? Check out our digital brochure on what a BOMI education has to offer. Industry recognized credentials: RPA, FMA, SMA, SMT and more!

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<span style="color: #f79646;">HVAC Course Released!</span>

HVAC Course Released!

Test drive our newly released course on HVAC Optimization. This topic specific on-line course is self paced and will take about five hours. 
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Cours en français

Cours en français

BOMI Canada s’engage à accroître notre capacité à fournir une formation aux Canadiennes et Canadiens dans les deux langues officielles. Présentement, nous proposons trois cours en français.

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Once I attained my RPA and FMA, not only did my salary increase commensurate with attaining these designations, more importantly, a vast area of property management positions became available as I now had the proficiency and competency to successfully fill them.

Sue Ziemski RPA, FMA

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Celebrating 40 years; BOMI’s educational content and select pool of professional instructors has ensured consistent, high-quality education and skill-enhancing learning opportunities.

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